On Tuesday, 18 September, 7.30 PM there will be a chance to meet the German writer of Ukrainian origins, Dmitrij Gawrisch. The event will take place in The Rainis and Aspazija House (30 Baznicas street).

Dmitrij Gawrisch was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and moved to Switzerland at the age of eleven. After graduating in Business & Economics at the University of Bern, he wrote his first play “Barren Land”, which was staged in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. He has written several plays, “Something Africa”, “Lessons of Leaking” and “All Shall Be Well” among them. Dmitrij is a regular author for the award-winning non-fiction magazine “Reportagen”. “Don’t Wait for Rain”, a collection of texts originally written for the magazine dealing with Ukraine and Russia, were published in Russian at “Smena” in Kazan in 2016. Dmitrij is currently working on a yet untitled book of memoir as well as his first novel “The Crane in the Snow”. He lives in Berlin.

He describes himself as: “I’m a Swiss citizen who was born and grew up in Kiev and who now lives in Berlin. Even though I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English and some French, I only write in German. In the short biography for the Russian collection of my reportages, I am called “Swiss writer of Ukrainian origin”. But what about my German life? Does a person need a passport or a birth certificate to be counted as a writer of this country? So I guess I am a German-Swiss-Ukrainian writer writing in German. Or just Dmitrij Gawrisch writing the texts I write no matter where I was born and where I live.”

An event of the Association of Memorial Museums.

Foto and video materials might be taken and will be used further on the internet and for other publicity purposes.