Conference 2019 “One personality – multiple museums. Quo vadis?”


QUO VADISOn 26 September 2019, an international conference “One personality – several museums. Quo vadis? ”, organised by the Association of Memorial Museums, was held at the Rainis and Aspazija Summer House.

The conference dealt with questions of the role of personality museums, goals and tasks in contemporary cultural processes. Democracy asks for an educated individual, who has an opinion of their own and who is capable of individual decisions. A great personality can promote the development of other personalities. A personality appreciated as a creative individual by a nation is a cultural value in itself for the said nation. Such personalities oftentimes have museums made in their name.

The conference was attended by experts and professionals of Latvian museums and guests from Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland.

The Conference “One personality – several museums. Quo vadis? ” Papers:

Astrīda Cīrule (Latvia) – The creation of the Rainis and Aspazija Museum, development and formation of a museum network. Paper in Latvian.

Svetlana Čeglakova (Светлана Чеглакова), Tatjana Dolmatova (Татьяна Долматова, Russia) – The Jānis Rainis Museum in Slobodsk nowadays. Paper in Russian.

Jānis Garjāns (Latvia) – Personality heritage musealisation traditions and alternatives in the cultural space of Latvia. Paper in Latvian.

Katažina Jakimjaka (Катаржина Якимяк, Poland) – In Mickiewicz nets. About Adam Mickiewicz museums in the world. Paper in Russian.

Vita Matīsa Personalities and the past: what is the narrative for today?. Paper in Latvian.

Rita Meinerte (Latvia) – The establishment of The Rainis Museums in Jasmuiža and Tadenava. Paper in Latvian.

Pietro Montorfani (Switzerland) – «Those two Latvian exiles…». Dealing with the memory of Rainis and Aspazija on the other side of Europe.

Agrita Ozola (Latvia) – Concept of a museum dedicated to a personality – The Rainis Museum in Durbe. Paper in Latvian.

Nadežda Petrauskiene (Nadežda Petrauskienė, Lithuania) – Literary Museum of A. Pushkin in Markučiai – personality museum outside the national territory and its directions of operation. Paper in Russian.

Natalija Stribulskaja (Наталья Стрибульская, Belarus) – The understanding of Figurative House as an integral part for a personalities existence in a space and being for the modelling of the exhibition in the branch of the Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum “Akopi”. Paper in Russian.

Olga Ščeglova (Ольга Щеглова, Russia) – The Museum of the Founder of Lithuanian Literature K. Donelaitis in the village of Čistije Prudi in the Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia). Paper in Russian.


The conference dealt with the following questions:
• Personality museums – the variety of form, interpretation and content presentation;
• The motivation of a creation of a personality museum – geographical location, biographically chronological approach, traditions, attraction of a target audience, form of expression and so on;
• A network of a single personality museums: pros and cons;
• The relationship between a personality and their living space, the concept of domination – personality or historical house?
• Personality museum outside a national territory and the options of its operations;
• The work of an architect and a designer in a historical environment, especially striving to retain the space how it was during the personality’s lifetimes;
• Contemporary museum development tendencies – museum as the environment for social and creative activities.

Conference programme