The Rainis Museum “Jasmuiža”

Address: Aizkalne, district of Preiļi, LV 5305

Phone: +371 65329313, +371 29487589


Museum is open from 1st May to 31st October: 10.00–17.00, Mo., Tue. – closed

Located on the right side of river „Jaša”, is „Jasmuiža” – a museum of Rainis. It is one of the exhibition places of Rainis and Aspāzija.

„Jasmuiža” is the only museum of Rainis in Latgale. It was founded in 1964, on August 16th. Compared to other museums dedicated to the poet, „Jasmuiža” is special because Rainis spent his summer and winter holidays here, while he was in high school and college. The estate was rented by his father from 1883 to 1891.
The museum is set in two reconstructed and renovated historical manor houses of Jasmuiža. The third museum building is that of the Latgalian master of ceramics Andrejs Paulāns: his reconstructed workshop and kiln. The museum buildings together with the open-air stage and the more than 5 hectares of surrounding territory and park make up the complex that is a historical monument of national value.

In the reconstructed house of the manor’s steward, visitors can view an exposition about the poets study years and years spent in the gymnasium.

In 2015, in the renovated cow-shed was formed a house for tradition Latgalian culture and trades. Here can be seen a wide exposition on Latgalian ceramics, including more than 200 household dishes and decorative ceramics made by inhabitants of the region. There can also be seen the tile oven of ceramics’ master Ādams Kāpostiņš.
In the kiln and workshop of Andrejs Paulāns visitors can learn about the environment where lived and worked Latgalian ceramists at the end of the 19th century and during the 20th century.

The museum also holds seasonal opening events, ceramic frying and opening ceremonies, annual poetry events.

The museum offers

  • Tours available in Latvian and Russian.
  • The documental film “Aspazija and Rainis. The Roll of Time” (17 minutes) in Latvian, Russian, English, German and French.
  • An audiovisual guide in Latvian, Russian, English, German and French – including detailed info about all four Rainis and Aspazija’s museums, unique photo and video materials.
  • The video recording of the spectacle “Wedding in Jasmuiža” („Kōzys Jōsmuižā” (2005)).
  • A special program for newlyweds and their wedding guests.
  • Museum-pedagogical programs.

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