The Rainis and Aspazija House

Address: 30 Baznīcas St., Riga, LV 1010

Phone: +371 67272643, +371 29689489


Museum opening times: 10.00–17.00; Su. Mo. – closed

The Rainis and Aspazija House forms part of a significant area of wooden buildings in Riga’s Centre. Both the two story building fronting the road, as well as the single story building behind it with a small inner courtyard form an unusual cultural historical ensemble – the buildings were constructed in 1879.

The building on Baznīcas iela is the more authentic of the two sites devoted to the memory of the Latvian poets and has been least affected by rebuilding or other changes over the years. The poets lived here from 15th September, 1926: Rainis – until his death in 1929, Aspazija – until the spring of 1933. It is partly accessible to visitors. The poets’ restored apartment is on the second floor.

The house holds memories about the visible, public part of both poets lives – after returning from 14 years of exile in Switzerland, they found themselves in the center of cultural and political life in Latvia.

The flat has been restored and arranged according to the photographs, poets diary entries and the memories of their contemporaries, using the original objects held in the stock of Literature and Music Museum.

In the museum can be viewed and researched the unique library of Rainis and Aspazija which the poets wanted to make accessible in this museum.

The museum offers

  • Tours available in Latvian, English and Russian.
  • Rainis’ and Aspazija’s library. You can order copies of the books interesting you for research in the museum.
  • In the library you can also use the electronic accounting system used by the Literature and Music Museum (MUPUS).
  • The documentary film “Aspazija and Rainis. The Roll of Time” (17 minutes) in Latvian, Russian, English, German and French.
  • An audiovisual guide in Latvian, Russian, English, German and French – including detailed info about all four Rainis and Aspazija’s museums, unique photo and video materials.

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