Mutual understanding, respect for one another, a supportive shoulder, and the joy of working together in a creative and sensible way so as to effectively achieve the goals of the association that we have defined together.  Our most distant member, the Rainis Museum “Tadenava”, believes that we cannot survive all alone!


We work at museums, which are devoted to the notable persons. We trust that notable persons can help in shaping the personalities of others.  We welcome everyone and are happy to talk, listen, go into depth and be hospitable.  We don’t stay inside the walls of the museums.  We try to be everywhere where our visitors are.

Innovation and courage

“That which transforms will survive” is the Leitmotif of this value.  We seek new prospects and challenge established truths so as to learn new things about the museum notable persons and their heritage from a more unusual and modern point of view.  We are never afraid to talk about uncomfortable topics and controversial individuals.  After all, these writers lived under various regimes and in various eras.


To educate an inspire others, we must ensure constant self-development, and that is why the association regularly organises seminars and takes part in ones prepared by other organised.  We conduct research and track the latest research and examples of good practice.  We learn from our visitors, partners and the community, and we enrich one another.


We are responsible to our visitors, our colleagues, the environment we work in and the personality we represent.We use the authentic environment of the museums to send true and accurate messages.  We appreciate and continue the traditions that were begun by the authors, by society and by ourselves.  The people who are commemorated by these museums left behind not just objects, but an extensive spiritual heritage.  We are the time travellers and mediators in an authentic environment so as to seek and find ways of shedding more light on the cultural heritage that has been left for us.